Scopus Network Technologies Selects Pixelmetrix DVStation for Signal Monitoring at 2002 World Cup Games in Korea

Real-Time Monitoring of MPEG and SDI Signals from Five Sites

 Las Vegas, April 8, 2002 Scopus, the supplier of digital platforms for the worldwide broadcast of the 2002 World Cup Games from Korea, selected Pixelmetrix DVStation to monitor signal and image quality during the FIFA 2002 World Cup Football games this summer in Korea.

Scopus, a leading supplier of digital compression technology to the broadcast industry and provider of digital platforms for the global World Cup broadcasts, will adopt Pixelmetrix's Preventative Monitoring solution for signals from five different game sites. DVStation will monitor seven MPEG transport streams and 14 SDI signals in real-time for errors and picture quality assessment.

“Such a prestigious sporting event requires the most comprehensive monitoring system available to insure the successful delivery of these broadcasts to a global audience,” said Hideki Takahashi, Asia General Manager of Pixelmetrix Corporation. “We at Pixelmetrix are gratified that Scopus has placed its trust in DVStation and our Preventative Monitoring technology for such an important project.”

“Scopus selected DVStation’s modular monitoring platforms because they provide the most effective and feature rich solution for analyzing several simultaneous MPEG signals in real-time,” said Yehiel Keren, Scopus Professional Services Vice President. “FIFA’s World Cup is the most sought after sports competition on the Globe and teaming with Pixelmetrix will provide Scopus with a more total solution that holds with our digital broadcasting platform’s reputation for quality and flexibility.”

During the May and June games, Scopus will equip Korea Telecom with end-to-end digital broadcasting systems to transmit the events throughout the world. Twenty digitally-compressed channels will originate from each of the 10 stadiums across Korea where the games will be played. These live feeds will be transmitted via SDH links to the International Broadcasting Center located in Seoul. There they will be routed and re-transmitted via SDH links to three earth stations in Korea and then up-linked to a satellite for broadcast around the world.

The International Broadcasting Center will be able to simultaneously transmit 200 digitally-compressed channels. Transmissions from the location sites to the Center will be carried via an existing Korea Telecom optical link.

Scopus won the prestigious bid from Korea Telecom following the successful completion of extensive satellite and telecom network benchmark tests. Scopus is working with Samwoo Telecommunications Co. Ltd. and its representative in Korea, Dong-In Satellite Networks, to provide Korea Telecom technical support on site.

About DVStation
DVStation by Pixelmetrix is an award-winning system for monitoring the quality and performance of digital networks. Through a unique set of plug-in modules and powerful parallel processing capability, DVStation is the only all-in-one solution that can monitor a signal path from studio to home. The operator sets the monitoring thresholds and alert methods for the entire network from a single location. DVStation will signal if there's trouble, with alerts delivered remotely over a corporate LAN, the Internet or even to a pager. If signal and content integrity is essential for business success, DVStation is the most advanced Preventative Monitoring solution available today.

About Pixelmetrix Corporation
Pixelmetrix Corporation is the global expert in Preventative Monitoring for digital television networks. The company provides equipment and network intelligence systems to television broadcasters for management and monitoring of quality of service. Headquartered in Singapore, Pixelmetrix has offices in the United States and Europe. Pixelmetrix customers include CNN, CBS, Disney, HBO, International Broadcasting Bureau, KPBS, NTL, Sky PerfecTV Japan, and Tйlйdiffusion de France. It is the winner of the Peter Wayne Award for Best Design and Innovation IBC 2000, and Winner of the STAR 2000 Superior Technology Award from TV Technology Magazine. For more information, visit www.pixelmetrix.com

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Дата: 2002-04-08